CTV-Magazin 018

Magazin 018-01 Inside outside campus

BildungsTV, Campusleben, CTV-Magazin 018

Find out what impression our two exchange students from Ghana got of Switzerland, Kreuzlingen and the PHTG. Finde heraus, welchen Eindruck...

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Magazin 018-02 Interview with a Swiss student who worked in Ghana  

BildungsTV, CTV-Magazin 018, Kultur

When Swiss students travel to Ghana, they experience many new things. Tim talked to Tatjana, who lived and worked in Ghana for a year. Wenn...

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Magazin 018-04 CTV News

BildungsTV, Campusleben, CTV-Magazin 018, News

And here they come, the campusTV News Und hier kommen sie, die campusTV News...

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Magazin 018-05 City of the future – a project for school children

Bildung, BildungsTV, CTV-Magazin 018

Our children will one day have to master many ecological, energetic and social challenges all over the world. In Project NaTech Moves, they...

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